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In God We Trust


Reading your letters hurt all together

Fuck you.
Fuck you.

I knew something was wrong, it was too perfect

Why don’t you understand?

You still don’t get it and you still don’t know what you’re doing wrong… and that is what sucks

You’ve been pretty amazing. Just you and me laughing about random things and arguing about the funniest topics. You make me smile and that is truly what I want from you.

I miss the old you. Put some effort into us, please?

Just trying to talk to you, does that anger you too?

We’re together now but it feels like you said yes to me to shut me up. You felt sorry for me and you just wanted me to be happy. Do you really like me or am I just here? Sometimes I ask myself if you really miss me like how I miss you. You miss me sometimes but I miss you everyday. Sorry I’m not good enough. I wish you could like me again because it hurts a lot. Why are we in this relationship? I can’t do this alone, please help.


I’m trying pretty hard to just get a text from you. I’m waiting all day just to get your attention. Instead you ignore me. Do you know how much that kills me? You wouldn’t know because I’ve never ignored you. Sometimes I think I should give up because it feels like I’m talking to someone who doesn’t want to be with me. It hurts a lot. I’m going through so much pain and every day hasn’t been the same since. It must be really easy for you. You’re smiling and just having fun. Maybe it’s because I love you more. Yeah, that’s it. I guess I finally win the game we always played, the who loves you each other more game. I’m doing all of this because you’re worth it to me. Please notice me and let’s argue about other things like Russia. I miss the old you, come back.

I miss you. A lot.

Why are you breaking me apart? For four weeks, every single day, I’ve been wanting you to show some effort. What is so hard about that? People are telling me to let go but I can’t. You ignore me and you don’t seem to notice me. I believe I do deserve better than you, but at the same time I don’t. You’re an amazing girl, but why are you like this to me? Wish we could rewind time and start over when you actually did want to be with me. I’m tired of fighting and I’m tired of losing sleep. It’s crazy how one person can change your life with one word. You do all of these things I complain about, the worst is… you don’t seem to care.


Yeezy taught me

Dallas McCoy

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